Embracing Life



Embracing Life Series

The Embracing Life Series (ELS) is a 14-session Christian healing, discipleship group. Adult men and women dealing with the physical/emotional effects from a broad range of life-altering conditions such as: cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, depression/anxiety, etc., can attend. Caregivers, loved ones and most anyone seeking healing, can also benefit from ELS.



Breaking Free
From the spirit of death

Overcome and defeat the spirit of death. In clear language, Breaking Free from the Spirit of death teaches the reader about the influences of the spirit of death. At its core, this is a booklet about hope and possibility. Through a combination of prayer and spiritual action, readers learn to partake of the fullness of life that is our inheritance in Jesus Christ. Through stories, Scripture and first-hand insight, this booklet empowers the reader to hope anew in the promise of abundant life. The book concludes with a powerful prayer severing ties with the spirit of death and welcoming in Christ’sabundant life in its place!

The Breaking Free from the Spirit of death booklet is used in Embracing Life Ministries’ 8 session More Life! groups, and/or can be purchased for individual insight.



More Life!

The More Life! format is designed to equip Christians to effectively identify, confront, and defeat the spirit of death and other destructive influences in their lives. Participants are empowered to hope anew in the promise of victorious, abundant living through the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.


More Hope!
Emerging From the Shadow of Breast Cancer

More Hope! is a unique Christian interactive guide for women journeying through the shadowlands of breast cancer.  It offers a safe space to share the conflicting feelings and questions that may emerge with a breast cancer diagnosis.  More Hope! – a place to discover God’s healing within a community of common experience and faith.



More Glory!
God's Healing Voice for Defeating Shame
and Self-Hatred

Defeat shame and self-hatred. In this powerful booklet, authors Jonathan Hunter and Gwen Gibson offer real hope and healing for Christians struggling with needs they are reluctant to even admit they have.

Learn to identify the subtleties of shame and self-hatred, and defeat them through God’s healing Word to you. Confront a thought-life darkened by false labels, abuse, neglect, and illness with the resplendent light of the truth of Jesus Christ.

Be renewed through engaged prayer with others. Discover a life filled with More Glory than you ever dreamed possible.

This booklet can be used in a 7-session group in your church or home and can also be purchased for individual insight.



Damascus Road
Jonathan Hunter’s Testimony (DVD)

Produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN): This DVD of a televised interview with Jonathan Hunter provides a moving account of a life redeemed by Jesus Christ. Jonathan recalls his early family life in a broken home, his ensuing struggle with homosexuality, drug abuse and eventual overdose leading him to becoming a Christian.

This followed by the knowledge that he was already infected with HIV. Jonathan’s testimony of transformation is a hope-filled one which has translated into a Christian healing ministry that has encouraged and equipped countless others around the world to live a more abundant life in Christ.

Length: 25 minutes