Embracing Life

"You Can Do This" Videos

All of the More! booklets are formatted similarly; preparation, planning and presentation (The 3P's) for each group is the same.  The videos below will help you effectively utilize the booklets - whether it's for two or twenty people. 

Before viewing, please have a More! booklet in hand to follow along during videos.

Preparation                                                                How to Use the More! Booklets

The first of our 3 P's videos is intended to give you the basics of using the More! booklets.  This video goes over the sections of the book and points out some particularly helpful instructions. 


Planning                                                                        Plan for the Inevitable

In our planning video, Neil Driscoll gives you insight into the structure of the group, guidelines for group sharing, and worship. 



Presentation                                                                  It’s  Personal

Debbie Driscoll discusses some of the concepts of presenting the material: share your story, be open and authentic and use your creativity.  Hospitality is also covered in this last video.